The Venue

Frequently Asked Questions

You have Questions. We Have Answers.

 Thank you for considering Falcon Lakes Golf Club as your venue for your special event. We are here to make it unforgettable. Here are some frequently asked Questions and Answers regarding our venues and programs:


Q:        What is the building’s capacity?

A:         The Venue at Falcon Lakes can hold approximately 175 guests, depending on setup.

The Upper Patio can hold approximately 50 guests, depending on setup.

The Nest Bar & Grill can hold up to 120 guests, depending on setup.

The Patio at The Nest can hold up to 80 guests, depending on setup.


Q:        What is the rental fee?

A:         We customize every package to your needs, so we will need to discuss what you would like to do and then happily provide an estimate.


Q:        Do we need to schedule a tour, or can we just drop in?

A:         To ensure you do not wait and dedicate time solely to you, we request you schedule a tour that can be accomplished by clicking the Event Request button conveniently located on this page; we will be in touch shortly upon receipt.


Q:        Can I bring in my own alcohol?

A:         Our liquor license requires all alcohol is to be served and monitored by our staff. We have several beverage options for any budget.


Q:        Can I do a cash bar?

A:         Yes, cash bar options are available.


Q:        Can I use an outside caterer, food truck or provide food with family & friends?

A:         We discourage this; however, it may be allowed with a service fee in particular circumstances.


Q:        What is your vendor policy?

A:         We allow outside vendors for everything except the bar and catering.


Q:        Do you charge a deposit?

A:         We require a $500 deposit.


Q:        What time do I have access to the venue?

A:         You will typically have access the morning of your event; we try to be as flexible as possible, but this may be subject to availability due to golf tournaments or other events.


Q:        When can we decorate?

A:         See the above answer.


Q:        Do you require security at events?

A:         No. However, we are in complete compliance with all alcohol laws. No one under the age of 21 may consume alcohol, and we reserve the right to remove anyone for disrespectful or disorderly conduct.


Q:        Do you provide décor, including centerpieces and table linens?

A:         We can provide tableware, linens, and standard centerpieces.


Q:        How do I book one of your spaces.

A:         To book your event, we ask you to execute an agreement and place a $500 deposit upon execution of your contract. We are not able to hold dates. You may submit a request directly through our site at or call 913.662.4000.


Q:        Do you have a payment plan?

A:         We charge $500 upon execution, with the total balance due 30 days out from the event; however, you choose to pay in the interim is acceptable.


Q:        Can you bring rice, birdseed, confetti, petals, or other items?

A:         No, as we strive to keep our grounds and venue beautiful for all guests.


Q:        Can I hang anything on the walls or ceiling?

A:         We typically do not allow this.


Q:        What time do we have to be out?

A:         The venue and your items should be cleared one hour after the event concludes.


Q:        What happens if it rains?

A:         Our events are rain or shine, and most space is covered.


Q:        Do you allow pets?

A:         We allow service animals only.


Q:        Do any hotels near you shuttle?

A:         Yes. Please see our preferred vendors page.


Q:        Is there ample parking for my guests?

A:         Yes, nearly 300 parking spaces are available at Falcon Lakes Golf Club.


Q:        Can we leave cars overnight?

A:         Yes. Please never drive under the influence; we want our guests to stay safe!